Birthstones by the Month

One of the March Birthstones is Bloodstone

Bloodstone the March birthstone

Bloodstone Slabs

Two very colorful pieces of the March birthstone. These specimens have a white crystallized section surrounded by dark red and many green speckled hues. [1]

Bloodstone Facts

Heliotrope is the traditional birthstone for March and has been replaced by aquamarine. However, bloodstone is still regarded as the astrological gem for Aries. Bloodstone is also called heliotrope. It comes from the Greek “helio” and “tropos”. The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of blood; therefore the name "bloodstone" has been adopted.

The characteristics of Bloodstone

As a formation of chalcedony the "classic" bloodstone is green chalcedony with red inclusions of iron oxide or red jasper. The green color is due to the presence chlorite. The color varies and some samples of bloodstone have very few or no red spots.

Bloodstone the March birthstone


Bloodstone also known as heliotrope. Image of a tumble polished stone. [2]

Cut and Clarity for the March birthstone

Bloodstone is classically shaped into a cabochon. It also tumbled to make gemstone beads. The smaller specimens are not usually faceted, but the larger stones are typically faceted or cut into small slabs. Most bloodstone specimens are cut into oval or pear shapes. However, many other fancy shapes are available. Including but not limited to, hearts, marquise shapes, and trillions and even free-form carvings. Bloodstone is frequently used for gemstone carvings, insignia and cameos.

The Source of Bloodstone

The primary source of the stone is India. It is also found in Brazil, China, Australia, and the United States. There is also an outcrop of bloodstone on the Isle of Rum, in Scotland.

Bloodstone the March birthstone

Carved signet rings.

Bloodstone is sometimes used in carved signet rings and is the traditional birthstone for March. [3]

Is Bloodstone ever treated?

Bloodstone is not usually dyed, heated, enhanced or treated. Other than cutting and polishing, it is one of the few gem types that is sold untreated.

Types of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a form of chalcedony quartz. Its specific looks and color is what makes it "Bloodstone".

Bloodstone the March birthstone

Another Slab of Bloodstone

This slab show the various reds and greens that can be present in the March Birthstone. [4]

More about Bloodstone the March birthstone

The Christian religion has attributed special meaning to bloodstone. According to legend, when Jesus Christ was crucified, his blood dripped and stained the green jasper at his feet, originating bloodstone. Known as 'the martyr's stone', bloodstone is in sculptures representing flagellation and martyrdom.

Because of its name and external look, bloodstone has caused many myths. At one time there were beliefs that it was able to cease hemorrhaging with the slightest contact and to alleviate gut pain. There has also been the belief that it will strengthen the organs that clean the blood and increase circulation.

The American Gem Society's March Birthstone page has more information to help you buy from knowledgeable and skilled jewelers and to help you make the most informed buying decision.

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